When booking your marquee please consider other contractors requiring access before and after us.
Allow space for Dance Floors, Stages, Gift and Catering Tables etc.
Please refer to our Marquee Capacity Chart for a guide in sizing.

1m round table (seats 2-4), (Ideal for cakes)
1.2m round table (seats 6-8)
1.5m round table (seat 8-10)
1.6m round table (seat 10-12)

1.8m & 2.4m trestle tables

Cocktail tables (1.2m high)

White Plastic (covers available)

Our indoor dance floor sections measure 900mm square (allow; 2 people per section). E.g. 4.5m x 4.5m would accommodate 150 people.
The dance floor sections are interlocking and can be set out in various shapes, i.e. square, rectangle and ‘L’ shape to fit your available space.

Our outdoor dance floor sections measure 1.2m x 1.8m

Stage sections come in sections measuring 1.2m x 1.8m x 600mm high. It is advisable to check with musicians/entertainers for their size requirements. Stages come complete with black carpet, black skirting and steps.


Q. Can we decorate the marquee ourselves?
A. Yes you may but we do ask you to use string as opposed to tape or staples.

Q. What about electricity?
A. For most situations a standard plug point is adequate, for larger events a generator can be hired.

Q. Are the marquees waterproof?
A. Yes our marquees are waterproof, also if two marquees are joined a gutter can be added to prevent leaks.

Q. Can you attach a marquee to my pagoda?
A. In most cases yes our marquees are adaptable to fit.

Q. How will you secure the marquee if it’s to go on pavers or hard standing?
A. We would weight it down with weights or water butts.

Q. How many and where are the openings?
A. You can have as many openings and in any position that suits you.

Q. Can you supply lighting?
A. Yes we have; Chandeliers, Spot Lights, Uplights, Bud Lighting and Party Coloured Globes. The Chandeliers can be fitted with a ‘dimmer’.

Q. How many guests can the marquee accommodate?
A. Please see our Marquee Capacity Chart.

Q. Do I pay extra for sidewalls?
A. No there is no extra charge. Solid Walls and Window Walls are available.